DeMarco's Italian Grill

3131 Clark Rd.

941 925-0226

We Make

"Full Course Dining"

An Event!



DINE LIKE ROYALTY.....Under a tropical sun in one of the most beautiful settings on earth.  A place where sea and sky, weather and water, art and theatre, food,

fantasy and DeMarco's Italian Grill have been brought together in perfect balance to create a truly magical playground!  Treat yourself.....Plan your reservation.

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In a town filled with magic, movies and dancing dolphins..... We have what it takes to grasp your attention in full course dining and our warm ambience of Tuscan charm.

Mon     4:30pm - 9pm
Tue      4:30pm - 9pm
Wed     4:30pm - 9pm
Thu      4:30pm - 9pm
Fri       4:30pm - 9pm
Sat     8am - 11am &
             4:30pm - 9pm
Sun     8am - 1pm &
             4:30pm - 9pm
Hours May Vary